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The verdict is out: stress is killing us. According to a July 2014 research* done by the American Psychological Association, 77% of the US population regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress, and 73% regularly experience psychological symptoms from stress. Seventy-seven percent reported that money and work are the leading cause of their stress, and almost half the American population (48%) said that stress negatively impacts their personal and professional life.

The causes of stress are varied: job pressure, financial issues, health challenges, relationships, poor nutrition, sleep deprivation. And the physical manifestation of these causes include fatigue, upset stomach, headache, muscle tension, change in sex drive, among others.

It is clear that most of us are affected by stress in some way, and we are not getting the support we need to manage it. But we do not have to continue living stressful lives, because help is available for all of us. We cannot possibly enjoy our lives when we live as if we have no control over the circumstances that we have to face. Life can be challenging, yes, but what’s important is the way we handle those challenges. We do not have to be overcome by them!

If you are tired of living under constant stress and long to have an enjoyable life in which you feel empowered to make choices that support your health and happiness, then consider reaching out for help. I have gone through stressful times in many areas of my life; and I know what it is like to feel tired, extremely busy, endure sleepless nights, have an endless “to-do” list, and sense that my life is going nowhere fast. It is a sign of strength to recognize when you need support and seek it. There is no reason to live an unhappy life. What is the point of being on earth if it doesn't lead to happiness?

Imagine what your life would be like if you had the keys to create your life just the way you want it. What will it take for you to have it? Support? That’s available to you right here! Contact me and get the keys to open the door to the next phase of your life.

Many blessings!
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