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I believe that we are on earth to live our best life and enjoy the experience. We are on a journey; and as such, there are always changes and challenges to go through before we reach the numerous destinations that we have. So I know that having support, being encouraged and finding inspiration are important in helping us reach our goals. These three aspects are the foundation of my work with others.

Therefore, I support women who are ready and willing to embark on a journey of self-discovery: those who are looking for answers to the issues that cause them to be stressed; those who are seeking the support of someone who is willing to walk with them in their pain and celebrate their successes; and those who would benefit from encouragement and inspiration as they work to create the life they long for and deserve to enjoy.

So if you long for a life in which you can strategically work toward what your soul is longing to experience, while nurturing yourself and feeling at peace with who you are regardless of your life experiences, then invite me to walk with and support you along the way.

  • Imagine working with someone who is a trained mental health counselor and who not only understands human behavior but also knows how to support her clients in working through challenging situations.

  • Imagine getting the perspective and support of a coach who uses a holistic approach to stress management through her training as a holistic health coach.
  • Imagine having breakthroughs beyond the physical level as Jasmin uses her experience as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner to help you get past the negative effects of your most painful experiences.
  • Imagine being guided by an educator who can teach you effective skills and techniques to help you create your stress-free life one step at a time.


Be courageous enough to get the support you need to deal with whatever is causing you to lead a stressful life. 

You will be surprised by what you’ll discover about yourself and about life. There is much more to living than being under constant stress! 

Inspired? Contact me and let your journey begin!


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