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Hello and welcome! Your curiosity has brought you here, so I’ll take a few minutes to tell you about myself and what I do. I am a stress management coach, and I help women create and live the life that they long for and deserve. I merge my experiences as a health coach, teacher and counselor to help guide my clients to healthy living, with a focus on managing their stress. I am also a nature lover.

Do you at times find yourself busy running from Point A to Point B, being all things to all people, basing your sense of self on the number of activities you are involved in or your level of involvement in your community? Do you long to have time to yourself just to relax and simply do what your heart feels like doing? Or do you feel a sense of  restlessness and a longing for something that you can’t really put your finger on, yet you know that if you don’t find it you will never be truly happy?

I have had all of those feelings (and some); and I, too, thought that being super busy and getting approval from others would make me happy. And they did--for a while. But I soon started to feel empty inside. My activities were not providing the fulfillment and joy that I longed for whether I did them or not; so I had to squarely face the hunger that was raging within me, and the fact that stress was becoming my companion.

My journey has led me to discover how we can be joyful and at peace with the world and not let stress control us. Are you ready to find the solution to what is really causing your stress? Would you benefit from support? Then contact me at the e-mail address or telephone number below, and let’s have a conversation about the best route to take.

I look forward to connecting with you. Until then,

Many blessings

Tel.:  203-296-2497


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