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What Clients Are Saying

When I started working with Jasmin, I was going through a difficult time balancing all my responsibilities and taking care of myself. I wasn’t sleeping well, following a healthy diet or getting the most important things done. Jasmin helped me to learn how important it is to love myself so that I can have the life I really want. She has great listening skills and is accepting and compassionate. If you want someone to help you find solutions to your stress and hold you accountable, you’ll be in good hands with Jasmin.  (Sonjae)

More Testimonials:

I decided to work with Jasmin because during the years I’ve known her, she has always been open and willing to help me in challenging situations. So when she became certified as a health coach, I knew that I only stood to benefit from her expertise. Jasmin’s strength is, without a doubt, her ability to listen attentively and delve into what she believes she is hearing you say, and as it were, break it to pieces and put it back together to show you what is, what was and what it can become. She skillfully taught me how to appreciate what I believed was hopeless or of no value.

The biggest differences that I’ve noticed from my journey with Jasmin is that I’ve achieved more goals than I thought possible; I am discovering who I truly am and I now have a better knowledge of what is important to my life. She has helped me work though some of my greatest fears and co-dependent relationships and has given me techniques to overcome them with confidence. My work with her was priceless.  (Marcia)


I thought I had my life pretty well under control until I started the coaching program with Jasmin to learn how to eat well and take better care of myself. Little did I know that with all the prayers that I prayed and the level of faith that I had, I needed more… I needed someone who would be there to help me step by step physically, emotionally and, of course, spiritually. I learned how to eat better, see how valuable I am and make time for myself. God sent me Jasmin and I thank Him for her.  (Sharon)


I met Jasmin in 2012 at one of her seminars at church. At the time I was going through a painful divorce, and it was affecting my performance on the job. I was experiencing way too much stress than I could handle. During her seminar, Jasmin's philosophy and approach connected with me emotionally. After my initial consultation, we worked together to identify all areas of stress in my life at that time, and devised plans of attack to overcome them or use behavior modification to cope with them. Overtime I became more conscious of negative thoughts and behaviors in my life; and I'm able to quickly implement her simple approaches to let the stressor go instead of holding on to it.

She is truly patient and takes the time to ensure I have a complete understanding of all the tools she provided. Her one-of-a-kind sessions are convenient, too. When I'm unable to meet face-to-face, our telephone conversations are just as convenient. It has been a blessing working with her. I look forward to using her practical advice throughout my life; and I know that if life hands me another low blow, I can work through it with her. Many thanks, Jasmin!  (Leslie)


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